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Pruning tips provided by Jurgen Smit, a famous Dutch gardener, for: hydrangea, lavender, buxus and more...

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2garden, uw specialist in snoeigereedschap!


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Hedge shears
Pruning saws
Telescopic poles
Pole pruners

Pruning trees

For sawing branches on high and difficult places you have to use a telescopic saw. There are several extensions for the telescopic poles, including the K-6710 saw and the K-6770 pruning element... Read more

The right tool

It is important to choose the right tool for the job that has to be done.As a general rule for pruning; you can use a pruning shear when cutting materials up to 2,5 cm diameter. For materials between 2,5 cm to 5 cm diameter... Read more 


The Germo-Knife range was developed by Metallo to provide users with tools that provide a disinfecting option, either built into the product or to be used in conjunction with the product... Read more

Stay sharp

The Metallo prunings saws are a high quality fixed handle professional grade pull saw. The saw blade is high carbon steel, hard chrome plated with hardened teeth using an impulse hardening... Read more