Metallo K-0900-S

Metallo giftset: K-0900 with folding knife

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Professional pruning shears for heavy work. With ergonomic handles and air damper to prevent injuries to the wrist. This drop forged 'trimmer has a cutting thickness up to 25 mm. The handy lock mechanism is the scissors to be set for large and small hands. The blades are made of Carbon hardened steel. Including 958 115 pocket knife with 85 mm stainless steel blade. By traditional wooden handle, with this pocket knife a top product in hands.

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315 g / 11.1 oz
Max. cut capacity:
25 mm / 1.0'' Only with medium hard wood and when used correctly
Number in pack (SU):
1 pcs
Number of SU in full box:
6 units
Number of SU in outer box:
24 units
EAN code:
Gift sets
* SU = Sales unit

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