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Pruning trees

Just like shrubs and plants, a tree needs to be pruned occasionally. A thick branch can be removed with a handsaw.

When it comes to pruning branches at high altitudes, you need a telescopic pole element. There are several attachment available for the telescopic poles, like the K-6710 pole saw and the K-6770 pruning element.

There are different kinds of pruning saws available suitable to prune trees without much effort, like folding saws and saws with a holster. Both varieties are available in various lengths. Which one you choose for pruning, depends on your preferences and the thickness of the branch.

Now that you know what products you need, you can start pruning. Never saw off the branch at once, as the bark and stem wood might tear, and it will take years for the wound to heal. Use the following procedure;

First, saw off approx. half of the branch. Then saw off approx. half of the remaining bit of the branch still attached to the tree. Now you are left with a stub end; make the third cut on the branch end of the stem collar to reduce the stub as much as possible, while leaving the stem collar intact.

Pruning elements

Combined with the telescopic poles from Metallo, the K-6770 is the answer to prune at heights. Due to the special transmission called “Gear Power”, the pruning element can prune quite effortless up to a 50mm diameter. The K-6770 is also available for the ARS EXP-poles as well as the Hayauchi poles with the following product codes; K-6770-A and K-6770-S.